Thursday, September 20, 2012

Iacob Desideriu


Iacob Desideriu was a Romanian illustrator famous in his country for countless books illustrated for children. He was born on the 21th of June in Eliseni, Harghita 1930 and died in June 1980. He gratuated from the The Institute of Arts "Nicolae Grigorescu" Bucharest, graphics department, professor George Ivancenco. He was artistic editor for Ion Creanga Publishing House.

Iacob Desideriu - Gulliver's travels illustrations

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Iacob Desideriu - Robin Hood illustrations

Iacob Desideriu - Robin de Bois illustrations

Iacob Desideriu - Robinson Crusoe

Iacob Desideriu - Robinson Crusoe


Desideriu Iacob - Fram the Polar Bear

Iacob Desideriu - Fram ursul polar illustrations

Iacob Desideriu - Harap Alb illustrations

Harap Alb is one of the most enduring Romanian fairy tale written by Ion Creanga. It is definitely a subject to give headaches and sleepless nights to the ones preparing to take their  Baccalaureate exams in Romanian literature. Iacob Desideriu gives a wonderful visual concept to this fairy tale. I translated to English its summary, and if you happen to read this post, please check the illustrations attached. They are worthy of your time.

Iacob Desideriu - Alunel si pofta de mancare

Iacob Desideriu - Fata din imparatia curcubeului

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Iacob Desideriu - Osul fermecat de peste

Iacob Desideriu - Contesa de Segur illustrations

Iacob Desideriu - Puss in boots illustrations

Iacob Desideriu - Doftorul Todiras illustrations

Now that I have decided to look for the books illustrated byIacob Desideriu, I realized that I read this fairy tale  a few times in my childhood. There was this story about fruits. Certain fruits made one grow horns and other made them disappear. I used to ate apples thinking that maybe I will develop  horns and my parents won't send me to school. Never worked, though I developed once a nice colony of lice that kind of solved the problem for a week.  Bliss!!!

Iacob Desideriu - Alba ca zapada illustrations

I love to gather these wonderful illustrations. While gathering them I found this version of Snow White, and I remembered I had this book in my childhood, and this is how I first learned about this classic story. This is how I associate Snow White with  ever since. Beautiful memories. I think these exact dwarfes were drawn in every kindergarten in Romania.

Desideriu Iacob - Iliada, Odiseea, Eneida

Iacob Desideriu illustrations - 10 Basme Mitologice

Desideriu Iacob - Manual de conversatie in limba engleza

Iacob Desideriu - Bristena fiica dacilor

Iacob Desideriu illustrations - Dl Goe, Ion Luca Caragiale

Ion Luca Caragiale was  a playwright and a short story writer, among  many others. He is considered one of the greatest Romanian playwrights and a leading representative of local humor.  My personal favorite is his short story Mister Goe. In Mister Goe,  Caragiale  captures a new aspect  of the education received by children in some wealthy families of Romanian society from the late nineteenth century. The main character, Goe, is depicted during his trip to Bucharest in relation to his family and the people around him.

Iacob Desideriu - The wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum

According to Wikipedia an illustration "is a depiction created to elucidate or dictate sensual information." Then what I beheld below is sensual information? If I say I am mad about Iacob Desideriu style of portraing sensual information, then I think I will repeat myself, so I won't say it. Enjoy the silence!

Desideriu Iacob - Gavroche si Cosette

Iacob Desideriu - Domnul Vucea

Iacob Desideriu - Gavroche illustrations

There are two books that bring my mother's memory back to me every time I see them: the above and Cuore, by Edmondo De Amicis. When I think of these books I always see them in her room, on a little shelf.  I read them many times, and many a times I put them back on that same shelf. Oh, how I loved the soap fragrance of that room and a reason to check for hidden sweets in its drawers!!!

If you read Gavroche you can not not  fantasise about the the little dwelling in the interior of the elephant. I wanted to have a house like that (vermin free of course) and I projected in my mind every detail of that house I don't know how many times. I still fantasise that one day I will live in an elephant house. Theoretically speaking, all I need is an architect with a good sense of humor! Practically speaking, flat chance. All of these being said, I leave you to enjoy these delicate illustrations by Iacob Desideriu, for this heart wrenching story of French patriotism written by Victor Hugo.

Desideriu Iacob - Cosette

Iacob Desideriu - Laleaua Neagra

Iacob Desideriu - Canuta om sucit

Desideriu Iacob -Aventurile lui Oliver Twist

Iacob Desideriu - The wind in the willows illustrations

Iacob Desideriu - Singur pe lume

Iacob Desideriu - Aventurile lui Oliver Twist

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