Monday, January 28, 2013

Vasile Olac

Vasile Olac (born in 1936) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts "Nicolae Grigorescu" in 1967 and after a year, exposed for the first time in a group exhibition. Since then he has had numerous appearances in other collective exhibitions (home and abroad). His name, however, is mostly related to book illustrations (hundreds of covers and illustrations for books signed by Brothers Grimm, Andersen, Eminescu Creanga Sadoveanu, Lewis Carroll, Grete Tartler, Silvia Kerim).

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Vasile Olac - Peripetiile Alisei in Tara Minunilor

Vasile Olac - Dumbrava minunata illustrations

Vasile Olac - The magic groove

Vasile Olac - Muzicantii din Bremen illustrations

Vasile Olac - The Musicians of Bremen illustrations

Vasile Olac - The Hound's Boots

Vasile Olac - Ciubotelele Ogarului illustrations

Vasile Olac - Le chaperon rouge


Vasile Olac - Scufita Rosie

Vasile Olac - Little Red Ridding Hood

Vasile Olac - Pepita pana pestrita illustrations

Vasile Olac - Unchiul Andi "Detectivul" si nepotii sai

Vasile Olac - Magazinul de maruntisuri

Vasile Olac - Expeditia Nisetrul 2

Vasile Olac - Poeziile Bunicului Pentru Nepoti

Vasile Olac - Pif-Paf-Puf illustrations

Vasile Olac - Mingea de Soare illustrations

Vasile Olac - Povestea gastelor ilustrations

Vasile Olac - Surprizele jocului illustrations

Vasile Olac - Trei zile anapoda illustrations

Vasile Olac - Gulliver in tara piticilor

Vasile Olac - Citim, ghicim, invatam

Vasile Olac - Arcasii timpului

Vasile Olac - Zana Zorilor

Vasile Olac - Stefan, Stefan, Domn cel Mare

Vasile Olac - Vacanta lui Ionut

Vasile Olac - Claunii veseli

Vasile Olac - Broscuta laudaroasa

Vasile Olac - Basme

Vasile Olac - Un meci de pomina

Vasile Olac - English trough pictures

Vasile Olac - Emil din Lönneberga

Vasile Olac - Cartile copilariei

Vasile Olac - Povesti si povestiri

Vasile Olac - Hotarul nestatornic

Monday, January 14, 2013

Done Stan

Done Stan is not an illustrator I grew up with, but the kind of illustrator one doesn't need a childhood history to fall in love with his wonderful characters, his great sense of colour and humor, his never stand still images. Do take a ride with Done Stan no matter what age you are. What a sunny bright journey you are in for!

Done Stan was born  on the Second of December 1937,  in Giurgiu. He graduated The Institute of Arts "Nicolae Grigorescu" in Bucharest,  in 1964,  attending Prof. Vasile Kazar's class. During 1964-1991 he was artistic editor and editorial chief for Tineretului,  Ion Creanga, Cartea Romaneasca and Minerva Publishing Houses.

He was part of juries in national and international competitions. Done Stan was  book designer for leading national and foreign writers, organizing dozens of personal and collective expozitions and participating in important international fairs too. He received important awards and distinctions and is considered one of the most talented  illustrators of Europe.

Vasile Olac - Luceafarul

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