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Val Munteanu - Povesti populare romanesti si sasesti

Val Munteanu - Die Schone Rora

Val Munteanu - Balaurul Alb illustrations

Val Munteanu - Serfi illustrations

Val Munteanu - Papucarul Vrajitor

Val Munteanu -- Asta-i cartea cu povesti illustrations

Val Munteanu - Logodnica lui Pinocchio

Val Munteanu - Basmele istetilor illustrations

Val Munteanu - Povestea lui Stan Patitul

Val Munteanu - La izvorul cu pietre albastre

Helmut Arz

Born on 12 April 1930 in Sibiu, the son of the physician Dr. Arnold Arz von Straussenburg (nephew of Colonel - Arthur Arz von Straussenburg) and his wife Anna, nee Schuller.

1941-48 student of Hans Hermann
1949-55 The Art School "Ion Andreescu" - Cluj, painting class of Aurel Ciupe; additional teachers: Catul Bogdan and Daniel Popescu (art historian)
1953-55 first book illustrations: Saxon folk tales (1954), Grimm's Fairy Tales (1954), A. Dumas: The Three Musketeers (1955) 1955 Marries Traute Thull (granddaughter of  dialect poet Ernst Thullner), two children
1955-65 freelance illustrator and cartoonists for Útunk, including Napsugár
1961-65 lecturer in graphic design at the Art School in Sibiu
1965 Moved  to Germany
1967 Second State Exam in Dusseldorf
1967-69 art teacher in Dusseldorf and Wuppertal
1970 Lecturer at the College of Education  of Essen,  from 1972 professor at the University of  Essen
1980 Regular exhibitions at Galerie Bredeney  (Essen)
1982-83 Visiting Professor at the University of the Arts Berlin
1985-87 Dean, Faculty of Art Education-design of the University of Essen
1995 retirement
1998 Exhibition "The Lichtenberg sketchbook" in Essen
1999 retrospective exhibition at the Transylvanian Museum Gundelsheim
2002 Moved from Essen to Berlin
2009 Exhibition at the Chamber Hall Berlin Friedenau

Helmut Arz - Cei trei muschetari illustrations

Helmut Arz - Sachsische Volksmarchen illustrations

Helmut Arz - Spargatorul de nuci illustrations


Helmut Arz - Povesti alese illustrations

Helmut Arz - Macko Marci kalandjai illustrations

Helmut Arz - Aventurile lui Martinica illustrations

Helmut Arz - Gyongyharmat Palko illustrations

Helmut Arz - Szikra Ferko illustrations

Helmut Arz - Vilaghires Miklos illustrations

Helmut Arz - Miert kerek az alma illustrations

Helmut Arz - Inasok illsutrations

Helmut Arz - Joska illustrations

Helmut Arz - Tibold Marton illustrations

Helmut Arz - Prinz Zeisig und andere Märchen

Val Munteanu - Soarele si Luna illustrations

Val Munteanu - Punch si Judy

Val Munteanu - Motanul incaltat illustrations

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Helga Unipan - Der Hund Joho

Helga Unipan - Fridolin schlupft aus dem Ei

Helga Unipan - Felician cel nazdravan illustrations

Helga Unipan - Egy bator eger viszontagsagai illustrations

Nell Cobar


Corneliu Barasch aka Nell Cobar (born December 31, 1915, Bucharest - d July 26, 1993) was an animation filmmaker and a Romanian cartoonist. He is the creator of the popular cartoon character "Mihaela". For "Thank you, Mihaela" Nell Cobar won an award in 1971 at the Children's Film Festival in Venice.
He had not pursued higher education, starting as a draftsman at the cinema in 1939. He achieved his first cartoon in 1940, which was actually an advertisement for stockings. Nell Cobar made ​​over 40 animated films.
Mihaela character's beginnings are linked to cartoonist Nell Cobar. He invented a character, Mihaela, a little girl with pigtails, who along with her ​​friend, puppy Azorel, go through all sorts of situations. The Animafilm Studio performed, with the direction of  Nell Cobar, a cartoon series that aired between 1970 and 1980 at the Romanian Television, daily, for 10 minutes,  before prime-time news. The show ended in the mid 1980s, after many years of glory, due to the shortening of the TV program.
Immediately after the Revolution of 1989, Mihaela character revived in a monthly magazine of the same name, dedicated to children and led by Nell Cobar. The magazine has ceased publication after the death of Nell Cobar.

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