Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Olga Cizek

Olga Cizek was a Romanian illustrator, engraver and painter. She was born on the 14th of November 1931. She was the wife of Eugen Cizek, a famous Romanian professor of Classical languages (especially Latin) of the postwar period and one of the few Romanians of international reputation classicists.

Studies: The Institute of Fine Arts Nicolae Grigorescu, Bucharest, Romania (1966).

Member of: The Union of the Visual Artists from Romania

Works illustrated:
  • 1967 - Talismanul de safir by Elvira Bogdan, Publisher: [București]: Editura Tineretului
  • 1967 - Inteleptul Bu Ali, Publisher: [București]: Editura Tineretului
  • 1968 - Wiedersehn auf der Leinwand by Lotte Berg, Publisher: Bukarest Jugendverlag
  • 1970 - Joc in patru by George Alboiu, Publisher: [București]: Ion Creanga

Olga Cizek - Talismanul de Safir


Olga Cizek - Wiedersehn auf der Leinwand

Olga Cizek - Inteleptul Bu-Ali

Olga Cizek - Joc in patru

Monday, May 27, 2013

Estera Takacs

Works illustrated:

  • 1974 - Casa din Dunăre: basme by Cristea Sandu Timoc, Publisher: [Timișoara] : "Facla"
  • 1978 - Desen în galben: versuri by Eugen Dorcescu, Publisher: Timișoara : "Facla"
  • 1978 - Prietenul meu vantul by Anghel Dumbraveanu, Publisher: Timișoara : "Facla"
  • 1979 - Cele douăsprezece frumoase by Elisabeta Preda, Publisher: Timișoara : "Facla"
  • 1979 - Surîsul Meduzei by Alexandru Jebeleanu, Publisher: Timișoara : "Facla"
  • 1980 - Povesti din curtea mea by Scorbete, Publisher: Timișoara : "Facla"
  • 1980 - Mos Martin by Constanţa Buteanu, Publisher: Timișoara : "Facla" 
  • 1981 - Fata mestecenilor by Dumitru Toma, Publisher: Timișoara : "Facla"
  • 1982  - Comoara din pestera by Pius Brinzeu, Publisher: Timișoara : "Facla"
  • 1983 - Primul trimestru by Laurentiu Cernet, Publisher: Timișoara : "Facla"
  • 1984 - Castelul vanturilor by Stela Brie, Publisher: Timișoara : "Facla"
  • 1984 - Versuri by Alexandru Andritoiu, Publisher: Timișoara : "Facla"
  • 1985 -  Intrarea in Poveste  by Aurel Turcus , Publisher: Timișoara : "Facla"
  • 1985 - Cine stie mai multe poezii by Sabin Opreanu, Publisher: Timișoara : "Facla"
  • 1986 - Gustul fragilor by Franc Serbescu, Publisher: Timișoara : "Facla"
  • 1986 - O mie de lucruri by Viorel Horj, Publisher: Timișoara : "Facla"
  • 1986 - Dodoaca si Biciusca by Eugen Dorcescu, Publisher: Timișoara : "Facla"
  • 1988 - Poznase intimplari cu un greier albastru by Sabin Opreanu, Publisher:  "Facla"
  • 1988 - Zarandul în legende și povestiri by Vitalie Munteanu, Publisher: Timișoara: Facla
  • 1989 - Geana  azurie  by  Ileana Stana Badicel, Publisher: Timișoara : "Facla"
  • 1990 - Cand D artagnan a fost sa fie fata by  Serbanescu Mircea, Publisher: Timișoara : "Facla"

Estera Takacs - Castelul vanturilor


Estera Takacs - Dodoaca si Biciusca

Estera Takacs - Poznase intamplari cu un greieras albastru


Estera Takacs - Fata Mestecenilor

Estera Takacs - Cele douasprazece frumoase

Estera Takacs - Comoara din pestera

Estera Takacs - Intrarea in poveste

Estera Takacs - Zarandul in legende si povestiri

Estera Takacs - Geana azurie

Estera Takacs - O mie de lucruri


Estera Takacs - Cand D'artagnan a fost sa fie fata


Estera Takacs - Gustul fragilor

Estera Takacs - Povesti din curtea mea

Estera Takacs - Cine stie mai multe poezii

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Valentin Tanase

Valentin Tanase was born on September 6th,  1954 in Iasi, Romania. He graduated from  the Institute of Fine Arts “Nicolae Grigorescu” – Bucharest (Romania) in 1978. Member of the National Association of the fine Artists in Romania since 1981. Appointed director of the Fine Arts Studio of the Romania Army since 1997.

Valentin Tanase is a complexe artist, his talent being recognized from comic books to paintings in oil, pastels, mural or mosaic, to sculpture and monuments. His creative ideas take shape on any surface. His favourites topics are horses and the sea.
He is present with his works in almost all the major national exhibitions organized by the Associations of the Fine Artist of Romania since 1977.Complementary activities in graphics design (book illustrations, comics, advertising), interior decorations, journalism.
Prizes and Distinctions
The National Prize “Cântarea României” – section of “professional artists” in 1981 and 1985
The “National Prize of The Organization of Pioneers” in 1981 and 1983
The National Order “The Star of Romania” – Officer Rank in 2000
His artistic activity is presented in “The Romanian Contemporary Artists Encyclopedia” – third volume and in the “Who’s Who in Romania” encyclopedia – 2002 edition.

Valentin Tanase - Haiavatha


Valentin Tanase - Povestiri istorice I

Valentin Tanase - Povestiri istorice II

Valentin Tanase - Povestiri istorice III

Valentin Tanase - Prislea cel voinic si merele de aur

Valentin Tanase - Cartea Junglei

Valentin Tanase - Soimii Bucegilor

Valentin Tanase - Ei au luptat pentru independenta

Valentin Tanase - De unde vine dimineata


Valentin Tanase - Sub privirea bunicii

Monday, May 20, 2013

Octav Grigorescu

Octav Grigorescu (born 22 May 1933, Bucharest - died 3 Feb 1987, Bucharest) was a painter, graphic artist and book illustrator, professor and Romanian poet, lecturer at the Institute of Fine Arts in Bucharest and a leading figure of the Romanian art. Octav Grigorescu was Ion Grigorescu painter's brother and his wife was the painter Georgeta Naparus.

 In 1958 he graduated from the Institute of Plastic Arts "Nicolae Grigorescu" in Bucharest, where he had studied painting with Rudolf Schweitzer-Cumpana, sculpture with Dimitrie Onofrei  and engraving with Vasile Kazar, and where he also taught (1958-87). Grigorescu developed his work through abstract drawings. His rigorous compositions and classical vision are reminiscent of the art of the Renaissance, although he selected forms and motifs from Classical art, Romanticism and Surrealism, and was influenced by the work of Paul Klee. His handling of watercolour to create the effect of weathered translucence, similar to that of medieval frescoes, is evident in such works as the Death of Brancoveanu (1978; Hamburg, Winter). In the Burning of Arhondology in 1848, Grigorescu used monochrome colours, which he built up to vibrant intensity with dramatic effect. Many of his drawings and paintings are in cycles, in which he attempted to reveal in images, events and people of great significance for the destiny of the Romanian people.

Octav Grigorescu - Der Gluckliche Prinz

Octav Grigorescu - Printul fericit

Octav Grigorescu - Rilke, Versuri

Octav Grigorescu - Copil fermecat

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Florica Cordescu

Florica Cordescu Jebeleanu was a Romanian illustrator and painter  (born 10 May 1913, Constanta  - died 28 April 1965, Sinaia). She was Eugen Jebeleanu's wife, a famous Romanian poet. Florica Cordescu begun her artistic career at  age  20 and was the pupil of J. A. Steriadi. Between 1933 - 1934 she attented the Academie de la Grande Chaumiere and The Scandinavian Academy.

Her twin sister Marcela Cordescu was an important Romanian illustrator with strong  surrealist  connotations. The twins were remarkable for both their outstanding talent and the chemistry they  exercised  on their fellow artists.

Florica Cordescu has never done what one might call  pure illustration, although she  mainly devoted herself to illustrated books, she  was not a stong oponent in this domain. Boasting a spiritual background of deep lyricism she  concentrated her attention on poets like Mihai Eminescu, Petofy Sandor, Ady Endre, Eugen Jebeleanu  or  writers like Zaharia Stancu.

Between 1933 - 1943 she had exhibited constantly at the official salons.  She was present in many international exhibitions: 1953 - Sofia, 1955 Warsaw, 1956 - Wien, 1960 - Paris, Romainville, Lugano, 1961 - Moscow, 1962 Havana, 1964 - Athens.

She had personal exhibitions in 1937, 1948, 1958, 1961 - Bucharest, 1959 - Budapest, 1960 - Moscow, Zagorsk and Leningrad.

Florica Cordescu - Ruslan si Ludmila

Florica Cordescu - Povestea despre iubirea si moartea stegarului Cristoph Rilke

Florica Cordescu - Basme

Florica Cordescu - Nunta Zamfirei


Florica Cordescu - Basme

Florica Cordescu - Chipuri de pretutindeni

Florica Cordescu - Ograda minunata


Florica Cordescu - Ianos Viteazul


Florica Cordescu - Stante burgheze


Florica Cordescu - Nunta Zamfirei


Florica Cordescu - Povestea broscutei testoase

Monday, May 13, 2013

Florica Cordescu - Povestea cu micul boer

Marcela Cordescu


Marcela  Cordescu  is a Romanian graphic artist (born 10 May 1913, Constanta - died 1984). She was married to Vladimir Colin, one of the most important fantasy and science fiction authors in Romanian literature. She has illustrated some of his  books in Basmele omului, Legendele tării lui Vam and Povesti de buzunar.

Her twin sister was  the illustrator and painter Florica Cordescu  The twins were remarkable for both their outstanding talent and the chemistry they  exercised on their fellow artists.

Starting with 1929 she had participated in national and international  exhibitions: 1959 - Riga, 1960 - Athens, 1961 - Wien, Alexandria, Cairo, Damasc, Prague, 1963 - Rome, 1968 - Frankfurt, 1970 - Warsaw, 1971 - Berlin. 
She did drawing and engraving works in different techniques and especially in book illustration, manifesting in all circumstances  a special vocation for the  grotesque fable in which the absurd of realist type  associates in harmony with the social and psychological moralizing intentions of expressionist coloring.

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