Friday, October 7, 2016

Nura El-Sayed - Făt-Frumos din lacrimă

In 2012 Vellant Publishing House launched the collection “Pasarea maiastra” (The Magic Bird), a project that aims to bring to the attention of readers traditional Romanian fairy tales visually reinterpreted by contemporary Romanian artists. Among the first to appear in this collection is "Făt-Frumos din lacrimă" (Prince Charming, the tear-begotten) by Mihai Eminescu, which takes place in nearly 40 pages beautifully illustrated by Nura El-Sayed.

Nura El-Sayed is an architect and, more recently, a graphic artist, specialized in illustrations for children at Eina, Escola de Disseny i Art - Universitat Autonoma of Barcelona.

It started as a play time more likely, a natural consequence of an architect experiment with various techniques of expression, and gradually it become more serious.

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