Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lena Constante

Lena Constante (June 18, 1909 – 2 November 2005) was a Romanian artist, essayist and memoirist, known for her work in stage design, children illustrations and tapestry. She studied Painting at the Romanian Art Academy in Bucharest. Constante first exhibited her art in 1934, and had personal shows in 1935, and 1946;  Ankara, Turkey (1947); in 1970 and 1971 expositions centered on tapestry and collage art. After 1945, she was employed as a stage designer by the newly-founded Ţăndărică Theater.

Lena Constante - Cotojoman imparat


Lena Constante - Albumul cu poze


Lena Constante - Povestiri Oltenesti


Lena Constante - Oameni de pe Somes

Lena Constante - Omul lui Dumnezeu

Lena Constante - Apa cea vie

Lena Constante - Pustnicul si ucenicul sau

Lena Constante - Smei si Zane

Lena Constante - Taina Craiesei

Lena Constante - Cei 13 si misterul


Lena Constante - Maimutele unchiului Gore


Lena Constante - O poveste cu un tata, o mama si trei fetite (biography)

Lena Constante - Ghicitori

Lena Constante - Poiana Mioritei

Monday, August 19, 2013

Gheorghe Cernaianu

Gheorghe Cernaianu – graphician and illustrator
Born on  9 January 1934, Brăila
Studies: The Institute of Fine Arts Nicolae Grigorescu, Bucharest, Romania (1964).
Has studied with: Gheorghe Ivancenco. 

Gheorghe Cernaianu - Capitanul Turculet

Gheorghe Cernaianu - Corbea


Gheorghe Cernaianu - Castelul de aur

Gheorghe Cernaianu - Hatmanul Tomsa

Gheorghe Cernaianu - Conchistadorul Hernando Cortez


Gheorghe Cernaianu- Fragmente istorice

Gheorghe Cernaianu - Doamna Chiajna

Gheorghe Cernaianu - Robinson Crusoe

Gheorghe Cernaianu - Capitan Mavromati

Gheorghe Cernaianu - Romain Kalbris

Gheorghe Cernaianu - Romain Kalbris


Gheorghe Cernaianu - Piticul de aur

Gheorghe Cernaianu - Casa de linga luna

Gheorghe Cernaianu - Vijelia

Gheorghe Cernaianu - Fetita si aviplanul

Gheorghe Cernaianu - Baiatul de la etajul trei

Gheorghe Cernaianu - Poiana de Argint

Gheorghe Cernaianu - Dupa scatii si dupa sticletii

Gheorghe Cernaianu - Azi Neptun si Nicusor vor sa faca un vapor

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gheorghe Marinescu

Gheorghe Marinescu was a Romanian illustrator and graphician

Born 20 April 1926, Bucuresti – Died 1995

Studies: The Institute of Fine Arts Nicolae Grigorescu, Bucharest, Romania (1953).
In addition to working for Ion Creangă and Albatros Publishing Houses he has worked for publishers like Eminescu, Minerva and the Universe. He participated in book fairs in Bologna (1967, 1971) and Bratislava (1969). He also worked created advertising graphics, cartoons, and graphics easel.

He received the Diploma of Honor for book illustration in 1972.

Gh. Marinescu - Abu-Hasan

Gh. Marinescu - Zanele Din Valea Cerbului

Gh. Marinescu - Fata de la Cozia

Gh. Marinescu - Piparus Petru si Florea Infloritul

Gh. Marinescu - Cerceii Romanitei

Gh. Marinescu - Frumoasa de pe planeta fara nume


Gh. Marinescu - Marul care rade si marul care plange


Gh. Marinescu - Legende din tara motilor

Gh. Marinescu - Other works

Gh. Marinescu - Vacanta

Gh. Marinescu - Cei trei nazdravani

Gh. Marinescu - Eu sunt Tonita

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