Monday, September 1, 2014

Tollas Júlia

Tollas Júlia, A.

(Csombord, 1911. September 5. – Kolozsvár, 1991. December 25.) Transylvanian Romanian-Hungarian graphic designer and painter. András László painter's wife. 

Life and work  
She gratuated from the College of Fine Arts in Bucharest. In 1940 she was an art teacher for the Presbyterian Girls' High School in Cluj and in the 1950s for the High School of Arts . 

 Her first works were published  in the Dolgozó Nő and Napsugár columns. She illustrated regularly for the Tineretului and Ion Creangă Publishing Houses. Her books for children have been published in Romanian, Hungarian and German languages as co-author. 

Tollas Júlia - Micul Iosca

Tollas Júlia - Csupa titok

Tollas Júlia - Ordnung liebe ordnung

Tollas Júlia - Ursuletul jucaus

Tollas Júlia - Cartea pestrita

Monday, August 18, 2014

Róna Emy

(1904, Budapest - 1988, Budapest, Hungary)
Graphic artist and painter. He was a student of Applied Arts School. In 1921 he began his creative career in the theater life editorial. In 1925 he became a member of the UME (New Artists). 1926-1928 he lived in Paris and worked for a satirical page.
From 1928 he lived in Budapest again, worked for newspapers, magazines and book publishers. In 1929 he won a prize at the Athenaeum Publishing illustration contest. He became a member of the Italian Society of Fine Arts. Graphic Award 1939 (Gold's degree) at the New York World's Fair. The main area of ​​work was of tale illustration, he illustrated almost 400 books. His works can be found in public and private collections.

Róna Emy - Öreg néne őzikéje őzanyó

Róna Emy - Nagy képes ABC

Friday, May 9, 2014

Sabin Balasa

Sabin Bălașa  (June 17, 1932 in Dobriceni, Olt – April 1, 2008, Bucharest) was a contemporary Romanian painter. His works are described by himself as belonging to cosmic Romanticism.
He completed his high school education at Frații Buzești High School in Craiova in 1950. Among Bălaşa's most notable works are several large-scale fresco paintings, such as those decorating the inside of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași.

Galleries in the country and abroad:

Rome 1978, Rome 1980, Stockholm 1982, Bucharest, National Art Museum, 1982, Kerkera Greece 1985, Moscow, Tbilisi and other capital cities of the ex USSR 1988, Bucharest, 1992, Israel 1994, Bucharest World Trade Center 2000, Iași Universitatea A.I. Cuza 2002, Bucharest 2005

Works illustrated:
  • 1962 - Minuni la Mărgărit by Ioana Petrescu, Tineretului Publishing House
  • 1965 - Râdea mesteacănul by Emilia Căldăraru, Tineretului Publishing House
  • 1966 - Unde fugim de-acasă? by Marin Sorescu, Tineretului Publishing House
  • 1967 - Manzul by Mihai Negulescu
  • 1970 - Închide ochii şi vei vedea Oraşul by Iordan Chimet, Ion Creangă Publishing House
  • 1972 - Lacrimile Lăcrămioarei by Virgil Chiriac, Ion Creangă Publishing House
  • 1973 - Căprioara din vis by Vasile Voiculescu, Ion Creangă Publishing House
  • 1983 - Horea by Ion Hobana, Ion Creangă Publishing House
  • 1995 - Luceafarul by Mihai Eminescu, Junimea Publishing House

Sabin Balasa - Lacrimile Lacramioarei

Sabin Balasa - Inchide ochii si vei vedea orasul

Sabin Balasa - Unde fugim de acasa

Sabin Balasa - Horea

Sabin Balasa - Mînzul

Sabin Balasa - Caprioara din vis

Sabin Balasa- Radacina de foc

Sabin Balasa - Radea measteacanul

Monday, April 7, 2014

Florin Sorin Obreja

Florin Sorin Obreja *3 martie 1926, Bucureşti – 1997) was Romanian illustrator. Together with his wife Clelia Ottone have illustrated many books for children.

Florin Sorin Obreja - Lumea povestilor

Florin Sorin Obreja - Ciocarlia

Florin Sorin Obreja - Dintr-o tara indepartata

Florin Sorin Obreja - Muc cel Mic

Florin Sorin Obreja - Fat Frumos cel Ratacit

Florin Sorin Obreja - Arca lui Noe

Florin Sorin Obreja - Eu eram zana

Florin Sorin Obreja - Cindrel

Florin Sorin Obreja - Buna seara Dorli

Florin Sorin Obreja - Cic Inima de voinic

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Nicolae Saftoiu

Nicolae Saftoiu(born March 28, 1935, Cozieni, Ilfov ) is a Romanian illustrator .

The Institute of Arts "Nicolae Grigorescu" ( 1952-1958 ). Starting with 1958  is present in  all the national graphics exhibitions in Romania. In the same year became a member of the Plastic Fond.

In 1961 became a member of the Artists Union (UAP). Between 1991-2001 he draws all the Romanian banknotes .

Nicolae Saftoiu- Caprele Irinucai

Nicolae Saftoiu - Animale domestice

Nicolae Saftoiu - Animale salbatice

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