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Nell Cobar


Corneliu Barasch aka Nell Cobar (born December 31, 1915, Bucharest - d July 26, 1993) was an animation filmmaker and a Romanian cartoonist. He is the creator of the popular cartoon character "Mihaela". For "Thank you, Mihaela" Nell Cobar won an award in 1971 at the Children's Film Festival in Venice.
He had not pursued higher education, starting as a draftsman at the cinema in 1939. He achieved his first cartoon in 1940, which was actually an advertisement for stockings. Nell Cobar made ​​over 40 animated films.
Mihaela character's beginnings are linked to cartoonist Nell Cobar. He invented a character, Mihaela, a little girl with pigtails, who along with her ​​friend, puppy Azorel, go through all sorts of situations. The Animafilm Studio performed, with the direction of  Nell Cobar, a cartoon series that aired between 1970 and 1980 at the Romanian Television, daily, for 10 minutes,  before prime-time news. The show ended in the mid 1980s, after many years of glory, due to the shortening of the TV program.
Immediately after the Revolution of 1989, Mihaela character revived in a monthly magazine of the same name, dedicated to children and led by Nell Cobar. The magazine has ceased publication after the death of Nell Cobar.

Works illustrated:

  • 1957 - Bot gros, căţel fricos - Nina Cassian (Ed. Tineretului)
  • 1960 - Încurcă lume - Nina Cassian (Ed. Tineretului)
  • 1963 - Peniţa are vârful ascuţit - Mihnea Moisescu (Ed. Tineretului)
  • 1969 - Întâmplări cu haz - Nina Cassian (Ed. Agrosilvică)
  • 1975 - Jucaţi-vă cu Mihaela - Nell Cobar
  • 1985 - Mihaela şi cei trei ursuleţi - Nell Cobar (Institutul de igienă şi sănătate publică)
  • 1986 - Mihaela are probleme - Nell Cobar
  • 1986 - Mihaela - Nell Colbar
  • 1986 - Mihaela prietena noastră - Nell Cobar
  • 1986 - A început şcoala pentru Mihaela - Nell Cobar
  • 1986 - Mihaela şi al şaptelea pitic - Nell Cobar

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