Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Golden Age Illustrators of My Chilhood

Where are you beautiful books of my childhood??? I have lost you long time ago, but today I got  a glimpse of you. I want you all back. I can only hope that somebody in Romania will think of reprinting these beautifully illustrated books in a deluxe edition. Some of them are really a work of art. I was just surfing  the Internet when I found these pictures accidentally. And I am so happy that I did, because I have finally learnt the names of these wonderful talented Romanian illustrators: Val Munteanu, Iacob Desideriu, Livia Rusz, Romeo Voinescu, Done Stan, Eugen Taru, Doina Botez, Roni Noel, angi Petrescu Tiparescu.
I have tried to find their websites, but there is few to be found. Where are you most talented people? It is such a shame these illustrations can only be found in dusty and dog eared books, overlooked by their young owners, myself included, too unripened to appreciate preserving them. Somebody please tell me that they will be reprinted!!!! Please save these books from obscurity, from poor paper and covers quality!!!!!

Pinocchio - illustrated by Val Munteanu

I have seen other editions, but none so beautifully rendered as this one. A true gem.

Gulliver's travels- illustrated by Iacob Desideriu

These are the best Gulliver illustrations I have seen so far. The green and carmine hues are amazing. 

Golden tales- Povesti de aur- by Livia Rusz

This was the first book I read in my life.

The adventures of Ulysses - Peripetiile lui Ulise - illustrated by Romeo Voinescu

This book has the most beautiful Circe and Penelope ever.  

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