Friday, April 19, 2013

Elena Boariu

"To master with  impeccable technique such an  amount of fragmentary material and to cause it to assume the appearance of coherent images requires not only colossal work, but also a great  force of imagination and anticipation of the final architecture, a lavish cluster of points and lines."
                                                                                                                      Val Munteanu

Elena Boariu is a Romanian graphic designer and illustrator, born on 24 October 1942 in Dumbrava Neamt.

She graduated from The Institute of Fine Arts of Bucharest, in 1967. Vasile Kazar and Moscu Paula Adina were her professors. Her colleagues were the famous illustrators: Vasile Olac, Done Stan and Nicolae Sarbu.

She is a member of the Union of Artists since 1974. Starting with 1971 Elena Boariu has participated in collective exhibitions and shows at home and abroad.

She has illustrated numerous books and collaborated with newspapers and magazines for children. Some of her works have been signed with the name Elena Chinschi (she was the wife of the painter Vasile Chinschi), others with Boariu Elena and Elena Boariu Opriş (Tudor Opriş writer's wife).

Works illustrated:

  • 1970 - Basme by Mihai Eminescu,  Publisher: Bucureşti, Ion Creanga
  • 1970 - Miradoniz - Copilăria şi tinereţea lui Eminescu by Gheorghe Tomozei,  Publisher: Bucureşti, Ion Creanga
  • 1970 - Rubezahl, Publisher: Bucureşti, Ion Creanga
  • 1971 - Dragonul roşu - Iu-Giu Li, Publisher: Bucureşti, Ion Creanga
  • 1972 - Buh-Naluca si alte povesti by Lotte Berg, Publisher: Bucureşti, Ion Creanga
  • 1972 - Aventurile maimuţei de piatrā Sun Vu-Kung by Li-Iu-Giu, Publisher: Ed. Ion Creangă
  • 1973 - Aventurile maimuţei de piatră Sun Vu-Kung - Iu-Giu Li, Publisher: Ed. Ion Creangă
  • 1974 - Craiasa de borangic by Silvia Caralulis
  • 1975 - Poezii by Otilia Cazimir, Publisher: Bucureşti: Ion Creanga
  • 1976 - Poezii patriotice by Constanta Iliescu; Publisher: Bucureşti, Ed. Didactica. şi Pedagogica
  • 1977 - Basme by Mihai Eminescu, Publisher: Bucureşti: Ion Creanga
  • 1977 - Ghiozdanul cu surprize by Mircea Serbanescu, Publisher: Bucureşti: Ion Creanga
  • 1979 - Ora Culorilor by Cleopatra Lorintiu, Publisher: Bucureşti, Ion Creanga
  • 1981 - Coiful de aur by V Voiculescu, Publisher: Bucureşti, Ion Creanga
  • 1981 - Libeluliada by Cleopatra Lorintiu Publisher: Bucureşti, Ion Creanga
  • 1982 - Rubezahl by Johann Karl August Musaus Publisher: Bukarest : I. Creanga Verlag
  • 1982 - Poarta de sticla by Silvia Kerim, Publisher: Bucureşti, Ion Creanga
  • 1983 - Domniţa Ruxandra by Elvira Bogdan, Victor Eftimiu, Publisher: Bucureşti: I. Creanga
  • 1983 - Colina vântului by  Elena Dragoş, Publisher: Bucureşti: I. Creanga
  • 1985 - Miradoniz: copilaria si tineretea lui Eminescu by Gheorghe Tomozei Publisher: Bucuresti, Editura Ion Creanga
  • 1987 - Basmele apelor by Monica Aslan , Publisher: Bucureşti Ed. Creanga
  • 1987 - Basme by Mihail Eminescu; Elena Boariu-Opris; George Munteanu, Publisher: Bucureşti,  Ed. Creanga
  • 1988 - Die Bergwerke zu Falun und zwei andere wunderliche Geschichten by E T A Hoffmann, Publisher: Bucuresti : Ion Creanga Verlag
  • 1988 - Domnita Ruxandra by Elvira Bogdan; Publisher: Bucureşti : Creanga
  • 1988 - Aceste uimitoare plante şi animale by Tudor Opriş; Elena Boariu Opriş Publisher: Bucureşti : Ed. Creanga
  • 1988 - Dulce ca marul by Maria Lovin, Publisher: Ed. Ion Creangă
  • 1989 - Povestea unui om de zapada by Eugenia Popa-Cohut, Publisher: Ed. Ion Creangă
  • 1989 - Femeia în faţa oglinzii by Hortensia Papadat- Bengescu, Publisher: Ed. Minerva
  • 1990 - Povestile pamintului by Monica Aslan, , Publisher: Bucureşti Ed. Creanga
  • 1990 - Ocolul pământului în submarin - Arnould Galopin, Publisher: Valahia

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