Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ethel Lucaci Baias

Ethel Lukats-Băiaş, born on October 18, 1936, Covasna is a Romanian artist famous for her woodcuts and illustrations for children.

She graduated from the Grigorescu Institute of Fine Arts, Bucharest in 1959. While there she  studied with Vasile Kazar, Rudolf Schweitzer Cumpana, Samuel Mutzner. She is a member of The Union of the Visual Artists from Romania. Her works can be seen in The Museum of Art, in Constanta, Romania.
Ethel Lukats-Băiaş was a trailblazer of Romanian woodcut, representing Romania at prestigious biennial or triennial engravings, festivals and book fairs in Egypt, Germany, Italy, Japan. Among the few Romanian artists to cultivate this technique with great success nationally and internationally, the "rebirth" of Romanian woodcut is mostly own to her. Her woodcuts capture artistic spaces on a quest to conquer out time.

Her journey to Japan, her personal exhibitions in Tokyo, her close friendship with Miya Kosei, the refined intellectual Japanese in love with Maramures and Romania, are experiences in the oriental domain which lends the artists a universal spiritual portrait. Moreover, the contribution of the two artists, Ethel Lukats Baias and Silviu Baias in promoting Romanian engraving in Japan through Miya Kosei (honorary member of the Romanian Cultural Foundation) is remarkable.

Works illustrated:

  • 1969 Puisorul motat by Elena Farago Publisher: Editura Tineretului
  • 1975 Urciorul nu merge de multe ori la apa by Irimie Straut Publisher: Bucureşti, Ion Creanga
  • 1977 Aurul regelui Midas: fabule By Beniuc Mihai, Editura Ion Creanga,
  • 1979 Catelusul schiop by Elena Farago Publisher: Bucureşti, Ion Creangă
  • 1986 Animale mari si mici: versuri by Tudor Arghezi, Editura Ion Creanga,
  • 1988 Rapsodii de toamna by Gheorghe Topirceanu Publisher: Ion Creanga.

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