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Vasile Socoliuc

Vasile Socoliuc was a Romanian illustrator and painter (b. August 7, 1937, at Tisauti, Suceava County – d. August 11, 2008. After taking courses at the Fine Arts School in Bucharest, he attended the N. Grigorescu Fine Arts Institute, graphics department. He worked as a graphic artist with the Publishing House for World Literature, Bucharest.

He was awarded various prizes  and distinctions. A member of the Union of Fine Artists of Romania, he participated in several national and international exhibitions, salons, and arts biennials. He created at least 1,500 book and series cover designs (Contemporary French Theater, Classics of World Literature, illustrated books: Stories about a Fisherman and a Fish by A.S. Pushkin, The Hatchet by Mihail Sadoveanu), as well as posters (for instance that for the movie Andrej Rubliov), hosted now by the Willanow Museum of Warsaw.

 Works illustrated:

  • 1966 - Amintiri simple by Constantin Georgescu, Tineretului Publishing House
  • 1972 - Povestiri by Mihail Sadoveanu, Publisher: Ed. Ion Creanga
  • 1973 - Ultima poveste by Radu Tudoran; Publisher: Bucureşti: Ed. Ion Creanga
  • 1975 - Poveste cu un pescar şi un pestisor by Aleksandr S Puskin
  • 1976 - Virtuti stramosesti by Petru Demetru Popescu, Publisher: Bucureşti: Ed. Ion Creanga
  • 1976 - Istoria turcilor by Mustafa Ali Mehmed, Editura Stiintifica si Enciclopedica
  • 1976 - Pistruiatul by Francisc Munteanu, Publisher: Bucureşti: Ed. Ion Creanga (Ed. Ion Creangă; 
  • 1977 - Florile acelei primaveri by Alexandru Mitru
  • 1977 - Povestiri din rond by Constantin Mateescu, Publisher: Bucureşti: Ed. Ion Creanga (Ed. Ion Creangă; 
  • 1978 - Fat frumos Lioras by Mihai Lupu, Publisher: Bucureşti: Ed. Ion Creanga
  • 1978 - La foc de tabara by Constantin Cublesan, Publisher: Bucureşti: Ed. Ion Creanga
  • 1979 - Nechifor Lipans Weib: Erzählung by Mihail Sadoveanu, Publisher: Bukarest: Kriterion
  • 1980 - Niculaita Minciuna by Ioan Alexandru Bratescu-Voinesti; Publisher: Bucureşti: I. Creanga
  • 1984 - Nicuşor by I. Al. Brătescu-Voineşti, Publisher: Bucureşti: I. Creanga
  • 1986 - Piatra pretioasa si Merele fermecate retold by Galina Maievski, Editura: Ion Creanga
  • 1987 - Cind infloreste magnolia by Costache Anton, Publisher: Bucureşti: Ed. Ion Creanga
  • 1987 - Niculăiţă Minciună by I. Al. Brătescu-Voineşti, Publisher: Bucureşti: Ed. Ion Creanga
  • 1989 - Puii de urs nu merg cu automobilul by Florentin Popescu, Publisher: Bucuresti: I. Creanga
  • 1988 - Surprize de vacanţă by Petre Hladchi-Bucovineanu, Publisher: Bucuresti: I. Creanga
  • 1989 - Puii de urs nu merg cu automobilul by Florentin Popescu, Publisher: Bucuresti: I. Creanga
  • 1989 - Uriaşul cel bun by Rodica Bretin, Publisher: Bucuresti: I. Creanga
  • 1989 - La foc de tabără by  Constantin Cubleşan, Publisher: Bucuresti: I. Creanga
  • 1991 - Aventurile baronului Munchhausen by Gottfried August Burger, Publisher: Editura Eden
  • 1991 - Neagoe, căpitan de vânători by M. Georgescu, Publisher: Editura Eden
  • 2002 -  Făt-Frumos din lacrimă by Mihai Eminescu 
  • 2003 - Ţăndărică în Ţara Basmelor by Lena Constante 
  • 2003 - Din năzdrăvăniile lui Nastratin Hogea by  Anton Pann 
  • 2004 - Poezii cu şi fara Arpagici pentru copii şi bunici by Ana Blandiana; Publisher: Bucureşti : Editura Casa Radio

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