Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Olga Cizek

Olga Cizek was a Romanian illustrator, engraver and painter. She was born on the 14th of November 1931. She was the wife of Eugen Cizek, a famous Romanian professor of Classical languages (especially Latin) of the postwar period and one of the few Romanians of international reputation classicists.

Studies: The Institute of Fine Arts Nicolae Grigorescu, Bucharest, Romania (1966).

Member of: The Union of the Visual Artists from Romania

Works illustrated:
  • 1967 - Talismanul de safir by Elvira Bogdan, Publisher: [București]: Editura Tineretului
  • 1967 - Inteleptul Bu Ali, Publisher: [București]: Editura Tineretului
  • 1968 - Wiedersehn auf der Leinwand by Lotte Berg, Publisher: Bukarest Jugendverlag
  • 1970 - Joc in patru by George Alboiu, Publisher: [București]: Ion Creanga

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