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Octav Grigorescu

Octav Grigorescu (born 22 May 1933, Bucharest - died 3 Feb 1987, Bucharest) was a painter, graphic artist and book illustrator, professor and Romanian poet, lecturer at the Institute of Fine Arts in Bucharest and a leading figure of the Romanian art. Octav Grigorescu was Ion Grigorescu painter's brother and his wife was the painter Georgeta Naparus.

 In 1958 he graduated from the Institute of Plastic Arts "Nicolae Grigorescu" in Bucharest, where he had studied painting with Rudolf Schweitzer-Cumpana, sculpture with Dimitrie Onofrei  and engraving with Vasile Kazar, and where he also taught (1958-87). Grigorescu developed his work through abstract drawings. His rigorous compositions and classical vision are reminiscent of the art of the Renaissance, although he selected forms and motifs from Classical art, Romanticism and Surrealism, and was influenced by the work of Paul Klee. His handling of watercolour to create the effect of weathered translucence, similar to that of medieval frescoes, is evident in such works as the Death of Brancoveanu (1978; Hamburg, Winter). In the Burning of Arhondology in 1848, Grigorescu used monochrome colours, which he built up to vibrant intensity with dramatic effect. Many of his drawings and paintings are in cycles, in which he attempted to reveal in images, events and people of great significance for the destiny of the Romanian people.
Works illustrated:

  • 1958 - Al Gheorghiu-Pogoneşti, Spune moşulicā ... spune ... Basme, Editura Tineretului  
  • 1966 - Rainer Maria Rilke, Versuri, Editura Pentru Literatura Universala
  • 1967 - Emil Giurgiuca Cântece de tară, Editura Tineretului, Bucuresti
  • 1967 - Starkwievierzehn Franz. Volksmärchen, Ion-Creangǎ-Verlag
  • 1972 - Abatele Prevost,  Manon Lescaut, Editura Univers
  • 1974 - Dumitru Popescu Gustul sâmburelui Editura Eminescu, Bucuresti
  • 1977 - Alfred Margul Sperber Men liebetes Buch, Editura Ion Creanga, Bucuresti
  • 1977 - Rainer Maria Rilke, Scrisori catre un tanar poet, Editura Facla, Bucuresti
  • 1977 - Oscar Wilde, Der glückliche Prinz und andere Märchen, Ion-Creangǎ-Verlag
  • 1979 - Gerard de Nerval, Poesii, Ed. Univers
  • 1980 - Fanus Neagu, Caii albi din orasul Bucuresti, Editura Creangă, Bucuresti
  • 1981 - Nikolaus Schmidt, Die im Wind, Ed. Ion Creanga
  • 1982 - Oscar Wilde, Printul fericit - si alte povestiri, Editura Ion Creanga
  • 1983 - Iannis Ritsos, Întoarcerea atrizilor, Editura Univers, Bucuresti
  • 1984 - Ion Vlasiu, Copil fermecat, Editura Ion Creangă, Bucuresti
  • 1995 -  Octav Grigorescu, Ölbilder, Aquarelle
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