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Valentin Tanase

Valentin Tanase was born on September 6th,  1954 in Iasi, Romania. He graduated from  the Institute of Fine Arts “Nicolae Grigorescu” – Bucharest (Romania) in 1978. Member of the National Association of the fine Artists in Romania since 1981. Appointed director of the Fine Arts Studio of the Romania Army since 1997.

Valentin Tanase is a complexe artist, his talent being recognized from comic books to paintings in oil, pastels, mural or mosaic, to sculpture and monuments. His creative ideas take shape on any surface. His favourites topics are horses and the sea.
He is present with his works in almost all the major national exhibitions organized by the Associations of the Fine Artist of Romania since 1977.Complementary activities in graphics design (book illustrations, comics, advertising), interior decorations, journalism.
Prizes and Distinctions
The National Prize “Cântarea României” – section of “professional artists” in 1981 and 1985
The “National Prize of The Organization of Pioneers” in 1981 and 1983
The National Order “The Star of Romania” – Officer Rank in 2000
His artistic activity is presented in “The Romanian Contemporary Artists Encyclopedia” – third volume and in the “Who’s Who in Romania” encyclopedia – 2002 edition.

 Works illustrated:
  • 1979 - In freamat de luceferi: poeme by Veronica Russo, Bucuresti : Editura Eminescu
  • 1980 - Inginerii lumii inelare by Larry Niven; Publisher: Bucuresti, Teora
  • 1982 – Povestiri istorice by Dumitru Almas, Ed Didactica si Pedagogica
  • 1984 – Povestiri istorice by Dumitru Almas, Ed Didactica si Pedagogica
  • 1986 – Cartea junglei by Rudyard Kipling, Editura Ion Creanga
  • 1987 – Povestiri istorice I by Dumitru Almas, Ed Didactica si Pedagogica
  • 1988 - Trandafirul din nisip by Adrian Bocşan; Publisher: Bucureşti: Ion Creanga, 1988
  • 1989 - Soimii bucegilor by Lidia Fadei, Publisher: Bucuresti : Editura Ion Creanga
  • 1990 - Sub privirea bunicii by Traian Oancea; Editura Ion Creanga; Jane Gilmartin Gilchrist Collection (Newberry Library), Publisher: Bucuresti: Editura Ion Creanga
  • 1990 - O sama de cuvinte by Ion Neculce; Oana Popescu, Publisher: Editura Ion Creanga
  • 1991 – Colt Alb by Jack London, Editura Ion Creanga
  • 1992 – Haiavatha – capetenia pieilor rosii, Editura Ion Creanga
  • 1993 - Calatoriile Lui Gulliver by Jonathan Swift
  • 1996 - Lumea de dincolo de timp by Larry Niven; Publisher: Bucuresti, Teora
  • 1997 - Silly Willy - Willy cel prost by Brenda Walker, Publisher: Bucuresti: Ion Creanga Pub. House
  • 1997 - Legende sau basmele românilor by Petre Ispirescu; Publisher: Bucuresti : Editura Gemina
  • 1997 - Lumea inelara by Larry Niven; Publisher: Bucuresti: Teora
  • 1998 - Protector by Larry Niven, Publisher: Bucuresti, Teora
  • 1998 -Tronul lumii inelare by Larry Niven; Mihai Bădescu; Publisher: Bucuresti, Romania: Teora
  • 2001- Dictionarul explicativ ilustrat al limbii romane by Florin Marcu; Ana Balint, Publisher: Bucuresti Saeculum Vestala
  • 2004 - Legendele romanilor by Valentin Tanase, Publisher: Bucuresti: Teora
  • 2005 - Scantei de peste veacuri by Dumitru Almaș; Șerban Andreescu, Publisher: București : Editura Nicol
  • 2009 Harap Alb by Ion Creanga, Publisher: Bucureşti: Flamingo GD

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